Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Thiel and Brokeback

Took this pic in Madison Valley.  It's the 12th Man House.

Pick of the day:  Art Thiel's column in the seattlepi likened the Seahawks new head coach and GM's relationship to Brokeback Mountain.      

Any comparison between the Mike Holmgren-Tim Ruskell relationship and the new regime now running the Seahawks was obliterated when John Schneider on Wednesday described the first hour of his first meeting with Pete Carroll.

"I was sweating like crazy," he said. "I was all jacked up. We started talking and I thought we were going to come across the table at each other a little bit there a couple of times. It was exciting.

"Pete and I, I felt like we could have stayed all night. I didn't want to finish. I thought we could have kept going."

The bromance seemed to stop a little south of Brokeback Mountain, but the principals left little doubt about the professional connection between the two. As opposed to the connection between Holmgren and Ruskell, who missed like the airline pilots who whiffed on Minneapolis.

I was surprised the P-I ran it. That observation was pointless and juvenile. The whole article was a waste of a post. It may have been lazy editing by Mr. Thiel, but whatever the reason - it goes against the way he portrays himself (as Seattle's thoughtful sports guy).

Here is the full story on Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What you're worth

Took this @ the Gas Works Park benches (facing the water).

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