Wednesday, February 6, 2008

He used to live in Kurt Cobain's old castle

It is about to be 5 in the morning. The sun will come up in about two hours and then the worker bees will be on their way. There is no better feeling in the world than going to bed with all windows wide open at 8 in the morning listening to the rain and sounds of the city and starting of the day time world. The warm rich vibration of going to bed for a long rest amidst the chaos of the rat race getting to work on time. The crispness of the air on your nose. The cars are louder in the rain and wet...Val pointed that out earlier today. I am getting a bit off track here reminiscing about a time that is far off at this point. And that my friend is all that matters. Be true to yourself young Buck, never back down, never apologize and always hit them where it hurts. Stand back you savage brutes...This one is not to be touched.

Moments later: Right now it is quiet all I can hear is the faint sound of Val breathing from the bedroom and...fuck wham! The Elephant Neighbors just slammed the goddamn door on their way in. Or was it out? Yes it was out because I didn’t hear them stomp up the stairs, but I didn’t hear them stomp down the stairs either...hmmm. Whatever, never mind. Kurt Cobain said that. He named the album Nevermind as well. I heard on the radio earlier today this DJ (that used to run the board for the live feed of the Howard Stern Show out of the east coast and then re-play it later at 6 in the morning west coast time after I got done with the Late Night shift) was saying that Kurt Cobain’s catch phrase when he would go to a house party was: “Here we are now, entertain us.” Val said she used to think he was saying: “Here we are now entertainers.”

When I was doing late night radio @ KISW, I would say, "He used to live in Kurt Cobain's old castle" every time I played a Nirvana song. Once at 4 am when I was done with my show and getting some food at QFC, the cashier told me that he hates this guy on the the radio that says, "He used to live in Kurt Cobain's old castle" every time Nirvana comes on. The clerk felt the radio guy was laying it on too thick. I nodded my head, kinda chuckled and walked out.

A recent study found that overnight third shift workers have a higher occurrence of cancer and are generally less healthy. My mom used to say I had a green look to my skin when I was doing the overnight thing. I lasted almost five years and loved the magical feeling of being up and creating when the rest of the city slept...especially a city like Seattle. People stay up here, but not out. A legendary rock DJ named Steve Slaton was talking about the report on the health risks of overnight workers and he remarked about how when he started out he did an overnight radio show and that schedule almost made him go insane certifiably crazy. I can’t argue with his findings, but I do firmly believe a person must create as late as possible or early as possible to soak in some of the creatively crazy juices that may otherwise never be tapped into if you only work the nine to five hour routine. Truth is never told during those hours and that is a rule of thumb I firmly believe in. Ahh, the truth hours.

No, I am not talking about the Limbaugh station here in Seattle AM 770 KTTH “The Truth.” There will be no truth telling on that frequency except by accident...Look to Mike Malloy after 10pm and way farther down the dial at AM 1090. Mike Malloy is a National Treasure and he should be treated as such... he broadcasts until 1 in the morning, so yes he is in the truth hours, and all his Truth Seekers are up with him. Those are his listeners and they are faithful...Somewhere in the blue mountains of rural Georgia Mr. Malloy is pounding on the bastards and giving them Hell and no one can do it better. Mike Malloy will fill you up with hope. There have been many a night when he filled me up like a hot air balloon and I hovered around the ceiling feeling giddy for three hours. I am a stronger and wiser man for it. Never let anyone tell you what is good information and who you should listen to. Listen for yourself, see for yourself and do it yourself. C’est la verite.

Reed Wacker: Took this in front of Kurt Cobain's house. Obama yard sign in front of Kurt Cobain's Old Castle.

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